Adding Contingency Management Intervention to Vocational Rehabilitation: Outcomes for Dually Diagnosed Veterans

African American Women Wounded Warriors' Lived Experiences of Self-Directed Learning: Success Through the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

The Association Between Time Incarcerated and Employment Success: Comparing Traditional Vocational Services with a Hybrid Supported Employment Program for Veterans

The Association Between Time Incarcerated and the Search for Employment in a Veteran Sample with Substance Use Disorders

Barriers and Facilitators Related to Work Success for Veterans in Supported Employment A Nationwide Provider Survey

Blending Traditional Vocational Services and Individualized Placement and Support for Formerly Incarcerated Veterans 

A CBT Intervention Targeting Competitive Work Outcomes for Persons with Mental Illness

The Compatibility of Employment-Based Contingency Management and Vocational Services at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Competitive Employment Outcomes Among Veterans in VHA Therapeutic and Supported Employment Services Programs

Client Goals for Participating in VHA Vocational Rehabilitation Distribution and Relationship to Outcome

Correlates of Obtaining Employment Among Veterans Receiving Treatment for Severe PTSD in Specialized Intensive Programs

Development, Implementation, and Outcomes of a Residential Vocational Rehabilitation Program for Injured Service Members and Veterans

Developing a Veteran-Specific Employment Survey: Lessons from Veterans Living with SCI

Dissemination of Supported Employment in Department of Veterans Affairs

Does Returning to Work Affect Veterans' Disability Compensation? Veteran and VA Provider Concerns

Effect of Evidence-Based Supported Employment vs Transitional Work on Achieving Steady Work Among Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder A Randomized Clinical Trial

Effects of Structured Vocational Services in Ex-offender Veterans with Mental Illness 6-month Follow-up

Employment of Patients as Full Time Employees

Employment Plan for Patients Leads to Later Job Placement

Employment Outcomes from VA Vocational Services Involving Transitional Work for Veterans with a Diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Experiences Among Veterans with Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury History

Employment Status Employment Functioning and Barriers to Employment Among VA Primary Care Patients

Experience of VA Vocational and Education Training and Assistance Services: Facilitators and Barriers Reported by Veterans with Disabilities

Factors Impacting Work Success in Veterans with Mental Health Disorders A Veteran-Focused Mixed Methods Pilot Study

Health and Well-being of Homeless Veterans Participating in Transitional and Supported Employment: Six-month Outcomes

Health Services and Rehabilitation for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans with Mild TBI

Helping Veterans Achieve Work: A VA Nationwide Survey Examining Effective Job Development Practices in the Community

The Impact of Enhanced Incentives on Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for Dually Diagnosed Veterans

Implementation and use of video tele-technologies in delivery of individualized community-based vocational rehabilitation services to rural Veterans

Implementing Supported Employment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: Facilitators and Barriers

Improving Success in a Veterans Homeless Domiciliary Vocational Program Model Development and Evaluation

Incorporating Individualized Placement and Support Principles into Vocational Rehabilitation for Formerly Incarcerated Veterans

Individual Placement and Support in Spinal Cord Injury A Longitudinal Observational Study of Employment Outcomes

Individualized Placement and Support Supported Employment for Justice-involved Homeless and Unemployed Veterans

The Methods and Baseline Characteristics of a VA Randomized Controlled Study Evaluating Supported Employment Provided in Primary Care Patient Aligned Care Teams

Mixed Methods Study Examining Work Reintegration Experiences from Perspectives of Veterans with Mental Health Disorders

A Model to Increase Employability of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients at the West Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Administration

Pathways to Vocational Services Factors Affecting Entry by Veterans Enrolled in Veterans Health Administration Mental Health Services

The Potential Impact of Job Automation on Veterans in Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Predicting Career Decision Self-Efficacy among Veterans of the U.S. Military

Prediction of Employment Outcomes Among Veterans with Substance Use Disorders a Chi-squared Interaction Detector Analysis

Qualitative Analysis of Barriers to Implementation of Supported Employment in the Department of Veterans Affairs

A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supported Employment Integrated in Primary Care

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Supported Employment Among Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Receipt of Employment Services Among Veterans Health Administration Users with Psychiatric Diagnoses

The Relationship of Rehabilitation Counselors' Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990, Attitudes Toward Reasonable Accommodation, and Job Development Efficacy

Spinal Cord Injury Combined with Felony History Effect on Supported Employment for Veterans

Supported Employment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: Patient Perspectives 

Supported Employment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: Provider Perspectives

Veterans Health Administration Vocational Services for Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans with Mental Health Conditions

Veterans Individual Placement and Support Towards Advancing Recovery Methods and Baseline Clinical Characteristics of a Multisite Study

Vocational Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury What Vocational Service Activities Are Associated with Employment Program Outcome

Vocational Rehabilitation in the Veterans Health Administration Polytrauma System of Care Current Practices Unique Challenges and Future Directions

Vocational Rehabilitation for Veterans with Felony Histories and Mental Illness 12-Month Outcomes

What Makes Vocational Rehabilitation Effective Program Characteristics Versus Employment Outcomes Nationally in VA

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